A Personal Service

  • Sourcing wines from trusted suppliers or customers’ reserves
  • Buying wine at Auction on customer’s behalf
  • Cataloguing and valuation of existing collection
  • Investment and Drinking Cellar both for future pleasure.
  • Hosting private events at home or any venue with customers own wines (venue finder service)
  • Private tastings to give more confidence in your selection

Professional Storage

Where ever your wines are kept, they need to be stored well as fine wine is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, light, humidity and vibrations. Good storage is essential for your future pleasure and vital should you want to trade any wines on.

We recognise the importance for a secure, professional storage service and have partnered up with the independent storage company Nexus Wine Collections that can facilitate any wine collection for the drinker or investor.

The customer has the choice to store their wines at the two best facilities in the UK, Octavian Cellars in Wiltshire and Vinotheque in Burton-Upon-Trent.  Prices start from £9.84 ex-vat and can vary depending on your collection and Bonded facility.

This has been popular for customers who want to consolidate their collections from many different sources.  We are able to help manage collections, suggest drinking dates and offer valuations. There is an annual fee for this based on the size of collection.

Please contact us to help open an account with Nexus Wine Collections at beneficial rates.


Home Cellars

If you like the convenience of your wines at home we work with a partner in helping provide and install the best storage solution for your wines, from refurbishing an existing cellar to converting a small room. State of the art wine fridges are also available for more compact spaces.
Please see attached some examples of Cellars created by one of my trade partners.

Cellar-design-and-wine-management-20121 (pdf)

We can of course help fill them as well!