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We have decided to create a humble but refined environment where our respected patrons can enjoy the finest quality seafood prepared with the utmost diligence

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Vitello tonnato7.5 €

Pork ribs31.5 €

Lamb shank19.4 €

Patio tenderloin22.5 €

Strip loin steak18.5 €

Grilled chicken breast19.5 €

Sea food soup7.5 €

Minestrone alla milanese11.5 €

Gazpacho seasonal13.5 €

Chicken soup7.5 €

Lentil soup12.5 €

Carbonara fettuccine9.9 €

Forest boscaiola reginette17.5 €

Reginette alla norma13.5 €

Trout fillet papillote11.5 €

Putanesca papardelle9.9 €

Napoli papardelle11.7 €

Sea food risotto9.9 €

Risotto gorgonzola7.7 €

Mushroom risotto11.2 €

Risotto ai piselli9.5 €

Pancetta12.5 €

Prosciutto14.5 €

Chicken breast17.9 €

Mortadella11.5 €

Markoni9.9 €

Caprese7.7 €

Cubism6.5 €

Mazurka7.7 €

Greek3.7 €

Summer2.5 €

Tuna bruschetta9.9 €

Bruschetta traditional13 €

Mushroom bruschetta12.5 €

Homemade potato chips7.3 €

Italian homemade bread9.5 €

Fettuccine with tomatoes15.7 €

Red bull1.7 €

San pellegrino2.5 €

Natural juices1.9 €

Tonic1.5 €

Vanilla shake1.9 €

Home-made lemonade1.2 €

Panna cotta1.2 €

Brownie cake2.0 €

Wine cake1.7 €

Crostata1.2 €

Italian ice cream1.5 €

Armenian ice cream1.0 €

Roquefor2.5 €

Peper2.0 €

Citrus1.5 €

Red wine1.2 €

Mushroom1.7 €

Bearnaise1.5 €

Pumpkin cream soup7.5 €

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