Investment Portfolios

043-300x225The traditional way of investing (for drinking) was to buy multiple cases of your favourite claret to lay down. Then, noticing how prices increased for the same wine 5 or so years later, you could sell an extra case(s) to pay for the next vintage. Whilst this still continues, the market realised there were potential gains to be had by doing this in a more structured and targeted approach for an actual investment strategy focusing on the most sort after and expensive wines. Global demand for alternative and lower risk investments which do not correlate to the classic markets, has grown significantly. Investment in the Fine wine Market over the last 20-25 years has seen significant returns, often outperforming most other investment classes.

Increased demand in Asia and China especially over the last 5-8 years, has resulted in big purchases of fine wines and more consumption of these wines especially from Bordeaux, with status and luxury brands being a key driving factor. With top domaine Burgundy, Rhône now being keenly bought and drunk, combined with less of the iconic wines of Bordeaux being made, it is getting harder to satisfy the demand with increasing numbers of people around the world getting into fine wine purchasing for investment and drinking.

How we can help:

  • We source wines only from reputable merchants or private collections with track records and impeccable provenance
  • Wines are all bought ‘IN BOND’ in original wooden cases
  • Professional temperature controlled storage, with wines under your ownership (Nexus Wine Collections-
  • Each case of wine has its own unique, owners label
  • We suggest an outlook of between 8-10 years
  • We offer annual valuations


As each individual situation is different please contact us to discuss your options.

Our Policy and advice

We are not financial advisers.
We cannot predict or guarantee any increase in value of wines over any period of time and as with any investment they can go up and down and is at the customers own risk.
For financial advice and current tax issues related to wine investment and CGT (capital gain tax), we recommended you contact a financial and/or tax advisor.