These can take a number of formats but they are always fun, informative and not scary! We are not here to tell you what you should drink, but encourage you to try different wines. We can show a selection from the Classic regions or something you might not be quite brave enough to buy on your own. Please contact us as we can tailor to your requirements.


We have a number of select venues that look after us well to host tastings, lunches and dinners in the City or the West End. We can come to your office and supply high quality glassware from Riedel to help get the best from the wines.
Where we go is often based on numbers and budget so please get in touch to discuss.

Lunches and Dinners

The ultimate test of a wine is with food and good company. This combination, can bring the vinous experience to the fore with those eureka moments of ‘that’s’ what it is all about!’  It is the ultimate way to discover your likes, dislikes and great matches. So with friends or clients it is a great event to host.  The great man Winston Churchill seemed to do his most important work over a good lunch or dinner.

‘Dinner parties were an important means by which Churchill rewarded friends, won over rivals and gathered information on all subjects, from diplomatic secrets to social gossip.’ Cita Stelzer – Dinner with Churchill  

The Service

We charge the price of the wines consumed at retail, glassware and venue if required and a fee for organising and hosting. As we source from different merchants there is no hard sell but we can sell any wine from the tasting and have it delivered at competitive prices.